T Magazine: The Dish on White Zinfandel

"Of course it happened over a dinner conversation,” says Jiminie Ha of the origins of White Zinfandel, the magazine she started with her friends, the architects Chris and Dominic Leong. The mash-up of art, food and culture celebrated the publication of its second issue, “TV Dinners,” this past weekend with a dinner at Jack Hanley Gallery in TriBeCa. “Since art and food are our two biggest obsessions, we thought it would be interesting to marry the two in an unexpected way,” explains Ha, who heads up the multidisciplinary studio W/—Projects. “It was an experiment that explores the high- and low-brow aspects of both creative fields.”

The dinner was a case in point. Two long tables flanked by plastic folding chairs were set with hand-numbered, minimalist Corian trays by Elizabeth Beer and Brian Janusiak of Various Projects, the design of which was inspired by an aerial view of the Swanson factory and its environs in Omaha, where the TV dinner was invented in the 1950s …

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Pictured: White Zinfandel’s Jiminie Ha and Dominic and Chris Leong (Image: Mimi Ritzen Crawford)
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